Free YouTube downloader [ Including video playlist ] for PC


Hello viewers 🙂 We are back with a new trick which helps you to download YouTube videos containing the full playlist. Sounds interesting na? It should! 😉

Usually, when you try to download the complete playlist it asks you to pay for the software or website. But now in this post we are sharing it for *FREE* to our viewers

Pre-requisite: Python, Pytube

  • If you don’t have Python in your system, you can download here :
  • To install Pytube, go to Command Prompt & type pip install pytube


  • Download Youtube-Downloader & extract it
  • Navigate to the folder Youtube Downloader & run
  • To run, shift + right click on empty space anywhere in the folder and choose command prompt
  • Type python ( Refer to the screenshot )

  • Choose whatever option you want & the options are listed below :
  1. Downloading a single video
  2. Download multiple videos from the text file
  3. Download complete videos from the playlist

To download a single video

  • Press 1 and press Enter
  • Paste( ctrl + v ) the video link & press Enter. It will start downloading

To download multiple videos

  • Open link_file.txt in the given file
  • Paste the links one by one in a new line format & save the file ( Refer the screenshot for the format )

  • Now go to the command prompt & Enter 2. It will start downloading

To download the complete playlist

  • Press 3 and press Enter
  • Paste( right click -> paste ) the playlist link & press Enter. It will start downloading

-> To exit press 4

To view the downloaded videos

  • Go to Download_Videos folder to view single videos.
  • Go to Download_Videos -> Playlist_VIdeos  to view playlist videos

Thus, we hope that you will not be tired anymore searching for video playlist downloader on the net. We thank our visitor Mr. Somesh Karthik for sharing his Python rar file.

Okay, we are done! Till we meet again “Keep calm & keep visiting Tricks!” 🙂